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Kat Sweatt, PhD. 

Hello! I'm Dr. Kat Sweatt. I have a PhD in Nutrition Sciences and a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology. My education has given me the tools to truly help people reach their health and performance goals.

Based on my first hand experience as a researcher, I believe that the avenue to a happy and healthy life is through nourishing and sustainable nutrition habits and physical activity. My expertise is in lifestyle interventions for weight loss, improving body composition, reducing risk for disease, and improving overall health. I have developed a system to evaluate your lifestyle and design a practical and sustainable program to improve health and reach performance goals.

Cycling because a passion of mine in 2015. I have raced at the elite level since 2016. A structured training plan helped me get faster, recover quicker, and improve on my weaknesses as a cyclist. After learning the ins and outs of cycling-specific training, I also offer individualized cycling coaching plans for beginner and intermediate cyclists.