Cycle Coaching

Whether your endgame is getting on the podium at your next cycling event, or to become fitter, coaching can help you get there. Coaching isn't just for experienced cyclists or aspiring professionals; it’s for anyone wanting to become something greater! Anyone can become an extraordinary athlete with the right coach.

Dr. Kat Sweatt is a certified USA Cycling Coach, Training Peaks certified, and has partnered with Vision Quest Coaching to help you reach your performance goals and, most importantly, enjoy the journey.

Why hire a coach?

Coaching is more than training plans, it is a partnership. Whether you need a place to start, have a firm goal, or feel stuck in the mud, we will work with you to create a pathway to success.

Coaching creates more meaningful and intentional work on the bike outside of group rides. We also track progress, mage goals for group ride and events (whether it be to hang with your faster friends or claim the top step on the podium), then analyze the data to see how you executed those goals. we would find a target event to get you excited about training and continual improvement.

How does it work?

The process starts with a discussion with your coach then a few field tests to to determine power and heart rate ranges. These field tests also provide information on your strengths and weaknesses that. Coaching is 100% personalized to you. Along with your time available to train and event goals, These benchmarks give us a road map to start the journey.

Coaching is $200 per month. There is no long term commitment.

Let’s get going!

Email Kat at to get started today.